The Story


Your life is about to change . . .

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Your elderly parents have been managing their lives providing support for each other when suddenly like a house of cards . . .

  • You are blindsided. A change in health status, an accident or a call has sent your life into turmoil.
  • You have made numerous phone calls asking for some direction. Where do you turn for help?
  • You plan to talk to the discharge planner at the hospital or the local Home Care Agency. This means more time off work
  • You receive an offer of minimal or no in-home help. The list of private in-home agencies is long. The cost of residential care is high.
  • How much help can your parents afford?
  • You cannot do this alone and your siblings are not offering to help.


You are not alone; Caregiver Coaching can help you by . . .

  • Acknowledging your emotions and putting them in to perspective
  • Exploring ways to return your personal power
  • Restoring your sense of control by establishing boundaries
  • Developing communication skills and confidence to ask for what you need


Benefits you will experience are . . .

  • Acquiring the tools and knowledge to navigate the system
  • Identifying opportunities for personal growth
  • Experiencing a sense of fulfillment
  • Transforming your life by overcoming barriers to your well-being


I understand the stress and anxiety that you are under. Go to My Story to discover my care-giving journey.