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Karen Fuller

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Practical and Emotional Support
for individuals and families involved in caring for their elders

by Karen Fuller Reg. N. Certified Life Coach, Caregiver Coach

You have become a Caregiver. . .

You look at providing this care as a labour of love, a way of returning a lifetime of your parents’ own devotion and care, a testimonial to your noble core values and beliefs . . .

And yet, you often find yourself exhausted, powerless and persecuted, a victim of jealousy, resentment, and sibling conflict, struggling with guilt, failure, depression and loss of control.

How can doing something good, end up feeling so bad? It’s OKAY to seek solutions to these unforeseen issues. It’s okay to seek support.

You do NOT have to live like this. You are resourceful, capable of finding the best way to provide the most effective elder support, and still maintain your own life balance. You can triumph over the inevitable anxiety, fear, and overwhelm.

A complimentary 30 minute Caring Compass Support Call is exactly what you need.

Effective services are also available to benefit employers, government and non-profit associations, as well as the healthcare community.

take care of you

“There is information and salvation here for you. I will help you move through the denial, the depression, the anger and resentment, through the use of coping skills and strategies designed to relieve the stress, the guilt, treat the caregiver “burn out”, and ultimately resolve sibling conflict, and intra family communication roadblocks.

I will aid you in navigating government bureaucracy, and the intricacies of the health care community to ensure you attain the relevant knowledge, the emotional acceptance, the life balance and empowerment necessary to carry out an effective care plan for your loved ones.” –Karen Fuller


“When I somehow found myself my “father’s keeper” when he was recovering from a bout with cancer in his eighties, I was not prepared for the immensity of the commitment, the intensity of the guilt and self sacrifice, nor the outside interference from critical family members unwilling to help themselves, but perfectly able to undermine every aspect of the care plans I tried to put in place.

At first I was confident that I, as a competent career woman and excellent multi-tasker, could easily take on the co-ordination of my father’s affairs, housing needs and healthcare provision in the face of any adversity, but, over the years, I realized I was becoming depressed, unhappy, not to mention stressed to the max, turning myself inside out for my father, but completely neglecting my business, my relationships and my own self care.

Working with Karen helped me realize that, not only was it neither selfish nor shameful to put myself first, it was actually a necessity!!!! I learned I am of no use to others when I am feeling sadness, anger and resentment. I encourage anyone in the elder care giving role to reach out, no matter what anyone else says or thinks, reach out to Karen and seek support NOW! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.” A.J. Campbell

A complimentary 30 minute Caring Compass Support Call will help you find the solutions you seek.


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For most who find themselves inadvertently the family’s primary caregiver it can be a never ending battle, an emotional minefield, what with sibling rivalry, marital strife, blended family issues and communication challenges all weighing in, not to mention the caregiver’s own self doubt, anxiety, and denial, trying to live up to everyone’s opinions and expectations while being the main individual responsible for making the “right” decisions for the senior’s welfare.

Learn more during a complimentary 30 minute Caring Compass Support Call.

Karen not only helps individuals, and their families cope with caregiver challenges through her personal, one on one, and group coaching, but, as a practiced professional speaker, she also provides customized presentations on behalf of the health care community, to aid the organizations involved with senior care to reach out to prospective residents, and educate family members. Her educational presentations personalized to her clients’ needs, are also valuable to employers dealing with an aging workforce.

Karen speaking

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Learn how Karen’s much sought after speaking presentations can benefit government, nonprofit, and religious groups.

“If you have older parents you avoid this conversation, but you need to do this!” ~~ Gord Barnett – Attendee “What Drives You Crazy Can Save Your Sanity” Workshop

Relationships, jobs, careers can all suffer.

Family elder care experts express real concern over the pervasive, blithe confidence that, in an already overtaxed healthcare system, publicly funded home care will be readily available when needed by seniors.

Karen’s background and education position her perfectly to provide the knowledge, the experience, the stress management techniques and personal support you so badly need to weather this complicated transition in your life.

Contact her now for a complimentary 30 minute Caring Compass Support Call.


The act of caring for others, for the beloved elders in your family, for yourself, should be a joyful, rewarding experience.

Contact Karen Fuller now to help you to make it that way.